How I Built My Self-Confidence

Hi guys, today I felt compelled to share what I’ve learned about building confidence in the last year. I’m sure there are many ways to build self confidence, but I wanted to share one that has been working for me.

A year ago my self confidence was shattered & I’ve been working on rebuilding it over the past year. The number #1 thing I would say is keep the promises you make to yourself. It’s so important to be able to trust yourself. When you say you’re going to do something DO IT! Building this pile of evidence showing that you keep your word builds not only trust but self confidence because you know that you show up. You will come to know that no matter what YOU make it happen.

Make a list of goals & then break them down into a weekly/daily goal. For example : your goal is to save $1,000 or lose 10 lbs. Think about the different ways you can accomplish each of your goals. Do you make coffee at home daily & only grab a coffee once a week so you have $50 extra a week you can save? Do you sell your old clothes online to make extra cash? Make a goal to list 1-2 new items a day on eBay for a week. You want to lose 10 lbs? Make a daily goal to walk a mile or workout 5 days a week or cut out soda. There are so many different approaches to each goal you have. Pick a path forward and stick with it, if you need to adjust later you can but just get started!

Tracking your goals makes them so much easier to accomplish because you always know where you’re at with it & what still needs to be done. You’ll get to check things off & continue to push towards your goal. The more things you accomplish the more evidence you have of what kind of person you are. Everything you do is a vote for what type of person you want to become. You have to get clear on what you want for yourself – what traits & characteristics are required for you to grow into the next version of yourself? You want to be a wife? What makes a good wife to you? Does she know how to communicate effectively? Read a book on communication. Does she know how to cook dinner? Learn a new meal to make. You want to be the best friend you can be? What would a good friend do to/for you? Do they check in on you? Do they bring dinner by on a busy night? Everything is subjective to what you perceive & how you want to show up in the world. SO DECIDE. Who do you want to be in this world?

One thing I know for sure : If you build your self confidence on validation from other people or compliments it will shatter with criticism. You have to build on a firm foundation, who you know yourself to be. What other people think or how they feel about you should not effect you – GOOD or BAD!

Xx, Kennah


Dior Dupe Sandals

Hi Guys!

Today I’m sharing a few amazing designer dupes I’ve found recently!!

Steve Madden Knox Slides – they come in a few different color combos/locations. The Dior version is $730-750.

Steve Madden Mona Flatform Sandals – comes in a few colors/textures. The Dior version is $1,050.

Xx, Kennah

My Favorite + Spring Pura Scents

Santorini – mediterranean fig, red currant, amber, and sandalwood. A very comforting scent it’s amber, warm, & woodsy!

Grapefruit – pink pomelo grapefruit, watery green notes with lily of the valley and coriander blossom. Such a fresh, bright citrusy scent.

Havana Vanilla – notes of vanilla and a hint of smoky tobacco, bergamot, and sandalwood. I’m obsessed with how warm & cozy this scent is. Great for a living room or bedroom!

White Bergamot – Citrus, greens, and woods notes. Such a refreshing citrus scent!

Santal Blush – bold florals and fruits rounded out by notes of wood, glowing amber, and musk. I’m adding this to my cart right now. I’m obsessed with the amber topaz from anthoro so I’ll bet these are just as yummy.

Unify Summit – probably my favorite scent – some woody, floral & citrus notes. I always have this scent in my bedroom.

Maui – tart bergamot, soft ylang ylang, and airy driftwood. This is such a fresh & floral scent, perfect for spring & getting ready for summer!

Dusk – exotic notes of Maracuya, fresh pepper, and sparkling pear with ylang ylang, mimosa, and creamy coconut. I have yet to find a scent from unify that I don’t like.

Barr Co Original Scent – has some woody notes, but nothing overpowering it is a very crisp clean scent great for living room/bedrooms!

Lulu Lemon Dupes !!

Hi friends! Lately I’ve been finding a TON of great lulu dupes! I’m obsessed with how high quality & cute they all are – and for the price these can’t be beat! All the dupes I’m sharing today are from Amazon so if you have prime they ship fast too!

Everywhere Belt Bag – I had been trying to get my hands on one of these for SO LONG! They immediately sell out, but they just did a restock & there’s a ton of colors left!

Belt Bag Amazon Dupe – very similar – obviously no logo but this one is $12!

Court Rival High Rise Skirt – I love the structure of this skirt and how it flows! I thought it would be perfect for golfing this spring/summer but i know $88 for a skirt is a lot for most people! If you want to wear it more often with street style outfits it’s totally worth it though!

Dupe Tennis Skirt – this is a great dupe for $24! It has pockets and the same cute cut for a fraction of the price!

Define Jacket – I LOVE this jacket from lulu the fit is so flattering. I have 2 of them but again $118! It has pockets & is full length though & the dupe does not!

Cropped Zip-Up – I’m obsessed with this cropped version! It looks very similar to the lulu version however it is more cropped & doesn’t have pockets. It still has the thumb holes though!

Align Leggings – by far the best pair of leggings I own. I know their expensive but they’re so worth it if you’re an everyday legging girl.

Butterluxe Leggings – this is such a good dupe it even comes in 25 & 28 inch length. I prefer the 28, but there’s more color options in the 25 in length! I love these dupes because I hate spending a lot of money on a trendy colored pair of leggings I won’t get as much use out of.

Xx, Kennah

New Spring Baby Clothes from Target

Hi guys! I’ve been dying over the new baby clothes at target while looking for my sister/client baby gifts so I had to share! They have so many cute spring prints – even for boys which I feel like is hard to come by! My favorite brands to look for are cloud island and cat & jack! A ton of this stuff can be gender neutral as well I just tried to sort it the best I could. My sister has put some of the stuff that says girl on her baby boy registry!


Sleep N Play Modal Jammies – this fabric is absolutely AMAZING, reminds me of the kyte baby jammies! It comes in a gown version and a bodysuit set.

Checkerboard Smiley Face Sweatshirt – immediately had to buy this when I saw it for my sister!

Ribbed Henley Bodysuit – also comes in sage green, turquoise & a few other colors!

Sleep N Play Modal Jammies – same amazing fabric! It also comes in the bodysuit set!

Smiley Face Sweat Set

Waffle Sets – comes in sage & grey!

Rolling Stones Set

Ribbed Side Snap Bodysuit Set

Sleep N Play Zip Up Jammies – also comes in a bodysuit set!

Waffle Long Sleeved Bodysuits

2 Piece Modal Set – also comes in brown & burnt orange!

Smiley Short Sleeved Set – are you seeing the reoccurring theme yet? Also immediately bought this one for my sister!

Sleep N Play Modal Jammies – same soft amazing fabric!


Sleep N Play Modal Jammies – his fabric is absolutely AMAZING, reminds me of the kyte baby jammies! It comes in a gown set as well as a bodysuit set.

Sleep N Play Modal Jammies

Gauze Long Sleeved Set

Waffle Set

Long Sleeved Sweater Set – also comes in black & white if you’re more of a neutral mom!

Strawberry Romper – I’m actually DEAD over this set.

Ruffle Romper – also comes in lavender.

Floral Romper

Top & Shorts Sets – also comes in turquoise ! Both are so cute for summer.

Ribbed Henley – comes in smiley print, turquoise & a few other cute colors!

Smile & Check Jammies

Xx, Kennah

Spring Free People Jackets

Hi Guys!! As I was browsing on Free People’s website I found so many cute new springy jackets so I thought I’d put together a list of them for you! I tried to include workout as well as casual jackets.

Dolman Quilted Knit Jacket – the cult classic dolman in new springy colors! I’m obsessed with these : carrot ginger & lovebird.

Scout Cropped Jacket – I’m obsessed with everything about this jacket – button down, drop sleeve, & waffle knit.

Hit The Slopes Fleece Jacket – I need this is every single color. FP Movement has the BEST colors.

All Your Love Solid Hoodie – this jacket gives me oversized scuba vibes. Comes in 6 different colors & perfect for spring because you can zip/unzip when you get warm/cold.

Poppy Packable Puffer Jacket – I saw this jacket in a girl’s workout video & the original reason I was even on Free People’s website in the first place. I cannot get over the cinched waist.

Pippa Packable Puffer – Very similar but no cinch waist – more like a warmer puffer dolman !

Xx, Kennah

Recent Amazon Favorites

Ice Flow Flip Straw Stanley

Can Tumbler Glasses – I also got for mixing my pre-workout!

Milk Frother – I actually got this to stir up my pre workout!

Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies – my skin is finally being nice to me again & I’ve been taking these!

Oxy Powder Pills – A lot of people call them poop pills, but if you need help going these are the best. I would start with 2! Great for when you’re traveling.

Liquid Multivitamin – I’ve been obsessed with these for awhile, but apparently everyone else is just finding out about them. They’re by far my favorite and never give me that icky feelings when your vitamins are sitting in your stomach.

Ziplock Bag Organizer – I’m obsessed, I got one for my mom too & it’s so aesthetically pleasing & practical.

Spike Huggie Hoops – I have been wearing these everyday! I never take them off even when I workout & shower.

Lulu Inspired Cropped Zip Up Jacket – I already ordered this in another color I liked it so much!

Xx, Kennah

Valentine’s Day Dresses

Hi guys!! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite picks for Valentine’s Day dresses!

Floral Tiered Ruffle Mini Dress –

Red V-Neck Ruffled Bow Mini Dress

Tickled Pink Side Cut Out Ruched Mini Dress

Lavender Silk Bell Sleeve Mini Dress

Rose Cutout Mini Dress

Fuchsia Midi Cutout Dress

Red Long Sleeve Ruffle Mini Dress

Pink Floral Ruched Mesh Bodycon Dress

Heart Stud Earrings

Xx, Kennah

Pura Scents for the New Year

Hi guys! With the arrival of the New Year I thought I would put together a list of my favorite Pura scents! I know a lot of you are in cleaning mode to get a fresh start for the year! These scents are all fresh/clean that will make your home feel clean and help you reset from the holiday.

Barr Co Original Scent – has some woody notes, but nothing overpowering it is a very crisp clean scent great for living room/bedrooms!

Nest Grapefruit – the best clean citrus smell – I love this scent for bathrooms or kitchens or even a laundry room! It almost helps brighten up a space.

Unify Summit – probably my favorite scent – some woody, floral & citrus notes. I always have this scent in my bedroom.

Capri Blue Volcano – the viral scent that everyone is obsessed with! It has tropical, citrus & sugary notes – this scent is so versatile & honestly I think it’s great wherever you put it.

Becki Owens Coconut Calm – if you want a scent that gets you ready for summer this is it! Notes of coconut, ocean breeze, and vanilla. Perfect for bathrooms or bedrooms!

Workout Favs

Hi guys!! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite workout items for the new year! I know a lot of you set goals around fitness so I thought it would be the perfect time to share my must haves in and out of the gym!

Air Max 270 – I can’t stop wearing these during my upper body workouts and around town running errands! These are so comfortable!

Metcon – I’m sure you’ve seen these everywhere lately! Great training shoes + they’re super cute and come in lots of color combos. Also super comfortable which is a must for me!

Nike Crewneck – great for to & from the gym, I’ve also been styling mine to run errands with my cropped Amazon vest! It’s nice & thick and sooo cozy!

High Support Sports Bra – A great sports bra for more high intensity workouts! The back is so cute!

Lulu Align Leggings – this fabric is luxury. I prefer the 28 in length, for reference I’m 5’6!

Deodorant – the best for workouts or high stress situations!

Scuba Half-Zip Hoodie – I wear these almost everyday! I love the cropped fit!!

Light Support Sports Bra – just got this in the mail, its super comfy & on sale! A few of the color options are reversible too!

Align Tank Top – I have this in a few colors & I’m obsessed with how flattering they are! Same soft align fabric if you’ve tried the leggings!

Long Sleeved Crop – I have a few colors of these and they’re so great for cold morning workouts in the winter! I love how flattering they are!

No show socks – my favorite no shows they have a grip on the heel so they don’t slip off too!

Gimme Beauty Hair Ties – I love these because they don’t leave a kink in your hair!

Stanley Tumbler – it took me a long time to get on board with this one because I didn’t want to be basic but here I am! I swear I drink more water with this though!

Premier Protein Shakes – the protein shakes I cannot live without!

AirPod Pros – I can no longer live without these in. The sound canceling is amazing you can put them in with no music if you’re in a loud place and it’s silent.

Finally I could leave you without a few playlists! Music is my most important part of a workout!

Pop Workout

Pure Workout – more dance remix type music

Hip-Hop Workout

My Playlist – honestly a mix of it all

Xx, Kennah