Muah or Blah : Shills Purifying Peel-Off Black Mask

I’m sure you’ve seen the Facebook videos of this crazy black mask that pulls out every single blackhead on your face. I know you’ve wondered if they really work like I did, so me and my boyfriend decided to test it out. Let me just start off by saying that this is the most painful face mask I’ve ever used. He brought over the mask and after putting it on I was so excited to see my results which takes 30 minutes to dry. He did his entire face while I only did mine in problem areas (nose/cheeks, chin, and forehead). I pulled off my chin pretty easily because it was such a small area, next was forehead which hurt more than chin, but still came off pretty easy as it was also relatively small. When I got to my nose and cheeks I couldn’t pull it by myself any longer because it was so painful. My boyfriend had to step in while my eyes were watering and I was squeezing him so I wouldn’t shove his hands away. After my skin was bright red and very irritated. I checked my mask for the result only to find that there was nothing there I was extremely disappointed, however, my skin was super soft. The next day I looked in the mirror to see if I still had blackheads and I did. The mask did seem to make the black heads come out easier when I popped them. I still wouldn’t recommend this product because it was so painful and the results were very minimal. I’m not sure if there are other “black masks” that will give you a different result, but this product did not work for me or for my boyfriend. Definitely a blah.


Here is a link to the mask we tried:

Xx, Kennah


One thought on “Muah or Blah : Shills Purifying Peel-Off Black Mask

  1. This didnt work for us either. Mine didnt hurt to remove at all though. It was definitely on there, but completely painless to take off.


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