Spring 2017 Trends

This post is not about the crazy Fashion week unrealistic outfit trends. These are the real girl 2017 Spring Trends I’ve found to help you get ahead of the game.

Cold Shoulder – it’s back! The cold shoulder trend is now coming to spring/summer 2017 in spaghetti strap form.

Photo 2: www.lulus.com/takeyoutheredress.com

Photo 3: www.lulus.com/somebodysbaby

Photo 1: www.ae.com/aeocoldshouldertop

Tie-Up Sleeves – I am LOVING this trend. Tanks, off the shoulder, dresses and even long sleeved shirts are all coming with tie-up sleeves this summer. Very Vacay.

Photo 1 (top): www.muraboutique.com/splendiddress

Photo 2 (bottom): www.muraboutique.com/blazingsummerplaysuit

Photo 3: www.muraboutique.com/oceandrive

Photo 4: www.lulus.com/al-frescoevenings

One-Shoulder Tops – off the shoulder has now moved to one shoulder tops! This ruffly trend is on its way this spring.


Photo 1: www.ae.com/oneshoulderchambrayshirt

Photo 2: www.asos.com/one-shoulder

Bandana/Silk Scarfs  I’m not sure how I feel about this trend yet, but I have seen it styled so cute.

Photo 1 (top): www.jcrew/coralpaisleybandana

Photo 2 (bottom): www.bohme.com/thats-a-wrap

Photo 3: www.ae.com/aeo-bandana-scarf

Photo 4: www.lulus.com/vanessamooneyrosalie

Vertical Stripes – Stripes have always been popular, but this trend has them flipped vertically instead of their previous trend being horizontal. This trend is so chic.

Photo 1: www.ae.com/off-the-shoulder-stripe

Photo 2: www.lulus.com/vacaystripset

Photo 3: www.ae.com/cutoutromper

Photo 4: www.ae.com/offtheshoulderwhitedress

Photo 5: www.ae.com/stripedshorts

Xx, Kennah




3 thoughts on “Spring 2017 Trends

  1. Ooh I love the vertical stripes! Thanks for sharing these fashion trends! Most of the time I feel like I have no idea what’s going on in the fashion world….something that I never imagined myself saying when I was in my twenties 🙈


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