Favorite Finds + Monthly Update

Finally January is over! Am I the only one who feels like it is easily the longest month of the year? Onto February, it’s starting to feel like it’s Spring and I am LOVING it! Which means new colors, new fashion, and cleaning out everything! I love getting rid of old clothes and re-doing my closet pretty much every season. I have my classics that are good year round and then my seasonal pieces I mix in. Here are the things I am obsessing over at the moment.

  1. I’ve been using this teeth whitener toothpaste for a while now and need another tube actually.
  2. The sweetest girl at my lash salon showed me this amazing hand cream. It smells amazing and makes my hands softer than any other lotion I’ve ever used. It’s like liquid silk.
  3. Another favorite skin combo is my shea sugar scrub and the hemp tropical hand lotion.
  4. Might be buying this geometric succulent wall hanger for a specific bridal shower.
  5. The perfect crew neck tee, under $10 which means I can buy it in every color and not feel bad about it.
  6. The cutest/comfiest jersey dress for running errands or even church.
  7. My mom bought the cutest black mules that I will be stealing from her.
  8. I’m going to need a little more motivation to go to the gym. I think these chalk pink Rebok trainers will work or these black adidas.
  9. Cropped sweatershirt I would like in every single color. Only $25.
  10. Needing this she is fierce mantraband. And anything else women empowerment.
  11. This recommendation also comes with a warning. Once you start you cannot stop with this candle. No it is not just any candle I know what you’re thinking.
  12. Anything BP from Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack is my JAM! Especially these springy mauve colored round sunglasses. Don’t feel bad if you lose or break them because they were only $14.
  13. Also from BP, tier sleeve sweatshirt dress. Would look so cute with these sneaks.


Xx, Kennah


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