Picking the right Protein Bar

It’s overwhelming the amount of “healthy protein pack” food there are on the market. I know I’m not the only one who has felt lost navigating the seas of fitness and health, so I’ve done some research to help me decide which protein bars are the best for your specific goals and what exactly I’m looking for on these labels that seem to be in a different language.

In general these are thing you want to keep in mind :

  • Sugar Intake. Look for a bar with 6 or less grams. You can have a bar with a little more sugar if you’re eating it right before an intense workout.
  • Sugar Alcohols! You can test it our for yourself but for a lot of people it causes bloating.
  • Get a bar that has fiber in it. Fiber will help you feel full for longer. It also helps stabilize blood sugar, controls cholesterol, and improves digestion.
  • Check the ingredient list. Keep it as small as possible, you don’t want a bunch of unknown ingredients just like anything else you put into your body.
  • Carb to protein ratio. For fat loss 2:1 is good. 1:1 is even fine but don’t get a bar that has more carbs than protein. The higher carbs can be used after an intense workout.
  • Dietary Fats, keep them as low as possible. (trans & saturated) But we still need some to help slow the carb release into our bloodstream.
  1. Meal Replacement – used for building lean muscle mass.
    • At least 30 grams of protein is ideal to feel satisfied.
    • 300-400 calories.
  2. Snack
    • 15-20 grams of protein.
    • Around 200 calories.
    • To make it more filling grab a handful of nuts as well.

Xx, Kennah


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