High Performance Planner

I shared this on my Instagram story & had quite a few people ask me where I got the High Performance Planner for my boyfriend so I decided to share a little post on it.

My favorite podcaster Rachel Hollis shared this when she had Brendon Burchard on her show. Brendon is the one who created this High Performance Planner. It doubles as a planner + a journal.

This book has daily pages with a morning mindset section that helps get you into the right mind set to help your day run smoothly & ensure you have an optimistic way to start the day. The middle section is the planner section for notes, to-dos & appointments. The last section is a journal to review the day with inspired questions & finally scoring your day.

Weekly pages will help you review the week to assess how well you’re doing with your goals & help you identify ways to improve.

Finally there is monthly pages with places to right major projects you’re working on or any upcoming deadlines. There are also prompts along the bottom to help with assessing & setting goals.

Xx, Kennah


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