Aesthetic Amazon Home Finds

Hi Guys! Today I’m sharing all my favorite aesthetically pleasing items from Amazon that will upgrade your home quick!

Checkered Throw Blanket – How adorable is this neutral checkered blanket? It reminds me of the barefoot dreams blanket, but it’s much more affordable. It comes in 8 colors & 2 different size options.

Leather Tissue Box Cover – cold & flu season is on it’s way & this will be a must.

Olive Oil Dispensers – set of 2 glass oil dispensers – these also come with silver if that’s more your vibe. Also comes with labels!

Ziplock Bag Organizer – functional & cute way to organize your drawers. They also have this Foil & Plastic Wrap dispenser.

Can Shaped Glasses – these have been so popular the last year & it’s easy to see why with how cute they are. I love things like this that help me to be intentional & romanticize my life!

Stackable Glass Containers – 5 pieces kitchen canister organizers – love that these are airtight.

Glass Spice Jars – these match the kitchen canisters perfectly & are also airtight. These even come with the labels + 2 wood spoons.

Microfiber Cleaning Towel – I cannot with these checkered cleaning cloths! These are great for wiping down anything stainless steel, glass & even work great in your car. I cannot handle dust on my dashboard & these are perfect because you can use them dry. There is nothing that bothers me more than the oily dash wipes they hand out at the car wash.

Salt & Pepper Grinder – not only are these adorable they also have amazing reviews.

Cuisinart Knife Set – 15 piece white knife set. Functional & cute enough to display on your counter if you want to. 4.7 out of 5 stars and over 16k reviews!

Checkered Wood Cutting Board – this will be perfect with the holiday’s coming up for charcuterie boards but it would even make a great gift idea!

Candle Warmer Lamp – I love how elevated this candle warmer looks with a marble base! Candle warmers make your candles last longer, they prevent the tunneling that can happen when they burn from the wick & this one even has a dimmer so you can control it. Major upgrade from the plastic little black discs everyone used to have.

Spiral Candlesticks – I’ve seen these everywhere recently – over the past year we’ve had a ton of different shaped candles popping up & I’m here for these!

Glass Match Cloche – I love how high end this looks with the smokey glass. It’s also practical so you don’t have to run around the house looking for the lighter all the time.

Cotton Waffle Blanket – I’m sure you’ve seen similar blankets on instagram, but I love the look of this waffle blanket at the bottom of the bed! It just started snowing this week here in Utah & layering your bed so you don’t freeze is a must now. Come in quite a few colors & all 3 bed sizes + a throw size.

Turkish Cotton Bath Sheets – If there’s 1 thing you buy from this list, let it be this. Once you use a bath sheet you’ll NEVER go back to anything else. These bath sheets are the luxuries I want in life.

Xx, Kennah


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