Book Club Vol. 1

Hi Guys! I’m really excited about starting this new series sharing all about the books I’m reading. Ever since graduating school where I hated reading, I’ve become the biggest book worm. (My inner introvert coming out). There is nothing better than snuggling up with a blanket or relaxing in the bath with a good book. I’ve had a lot of people ask me for recommendations so I decided to start sharing them here. There is no theme or genre, each month I’ll simply feature a few of my favorite books.

For the first month I thought I would kick it off with BANG !!

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

About the Book :

This book is all about creative living beyond fear. Elizabeth dives into her unique perspective about the mystery of creativity & how we receive inspiration. She explains how to overcome fears that might be standing in the way between you & your wildest dreams. You will feel the magic in your toes from reading this book. The 2,378 Amazon reviews, coming in at a solid 4.6 stars, speak for themselves.

About the Author :

You may recognize Elizabeth Gilbert from her hit Eat. Pray. Love. I guarantee if you haven’t read the book, you’ve definitely seen the movie. It’s another one of my personal favorites.

N E X T U P // GIRL, STOP APOLOGIZING by Rachel Hollis.

About the book :

GIRL, Stop Apologizing is going to be one of the books I will read and reread multiple times. Her cute quirky personality is hysterical. She shares her insight on chasing your goals & reaching your full potential. No more worrying about what other will think or not.

About the Author :

Rachel Hollis is a media mogul. She started her business with a high school diploma and google search bar as she says. You probably recognize her from the cult following she has created with her first book Girl, Wash Your Face.

Xx, Kennah

Anthropology Candle Dupes

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing dupes for the blue candle that has a cult-like following. Have you ever walked into Anthropology and wanted your entire house to smell the same way as it does inside the store? They’re constantly burning the Capri Blue Volcano Candle. I’ve found a few scent dupes recently that I thought I would share. Keep in mind these aren’t exact, but for the price point they can’t be beat!

1 – Citrus Soap & All Purpose Spray from Target.

2 – Sun-Washed Citrus wallflower & candle from Bath & Body Works.

Xx, Kennah

High Performance Planner

I shared this on my Instagram story & had quite a few people ask me where I got the High Performance Planner for my boyfriend so I decided to share a little post on it.

My favorite podcaster Rachel Hollis shared this when she had Brendon Burchard on her show. Brendon is the one who created this High Performance Planner. It doubles as a planner + a journal.

This book has daily pages with a morning mindset section that helps get you into the right mind set to help your day run smoothly & ensure you have an optimistic way to start the day. The middle section is the planner section for notes, to-dos & appointments. The last section is a journal to review the day with inspired questions & finally scoring your day.

Weekly pages will help you review the week to assess how well you’re doing with your goals & help you identify ways to improve.

Finally there is monthly pages with places to right major projects you’re working on or any upcoming deadlines. There are also prompts along the bottom to help with assessing & setting goals.

Xx, Kennah

V-day Gift Guide under $50 for Her

Happy Valentines day!! If you don’t know what to get the special lady in your life OR if you don’t know what to ask your man for, I got you!

Also wanted to throw in this little quote I found online…

“Do girls still like getting flowers?”

“Yes but we don’t want to tell you we want flowers because then you’re just going to get us flowers because we want them but we want you to get us flowers cause you want to get us flowers, you know?????”

Your girl will thank me later because I promise you she is thinking the same thing. NOW to the gift guide:

The cutest mixed metal dainty rings! Best part is these are under $50 & they’re on AMAZON which means prime shipping & you don’t even need to leave your house.

Got a fashionista on your hands? This rainbow stripe sweater is the perfect transition into spring!

Any beauty lover would die for this GlamGlow Mask + Moisture gift set!

Everyone needs this candle. EVERYONE. The Capri Blue Volcano candle is easily the greatest smell to ever bless the earth & I’m not just being dramatic.

I know I’m not the only girl with a sweet tooth, sugarfina set of 4 candy is fancy & so delicious. Perfect for the occasion & I’m sure she will share with you too!

If you’re want to give a more “homey” feeling gift but maybe you’re not all that crafty, these coupon books are PERFECT.

The self help girl will love this book Big Magic! I just read it & I’m starting it over again! It’s all about letting go of fear.

Make-Up loving Mama will blush over this amazing NARS Blush.

Xx, Kennah

Gift Guide for the Beauty Guru

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! It’s DECEMBER!! This Christmas I am trying to watch as many Christmas movies as I can squeeze in. Which includes the classics as well as the cheesy Hallmark & Netflix movies. What are your FAVORITE Christmas Traditions?? Leave me a comment or send me a message to let me know! That brings me to… Today’s post is a gift guide to help you find the perfect present for the beauty guru in your life! 

  1. I bet my mom wishes she had this continuous misting spray bottle when she was doing my hair before school, can’t wait for Christmas to get this baby.
  2. This laneige lip mask is the BEST lip product I’ve ever used for moisturizing. My daily chapstick will never make my lips as soft as this lip mask does in one night. I use this multiple times a day!
  3. With 3,600 reviews giving this product 4.8/5 stars comes my FAVORITE eyeshadow palette. My little sister got it for me last year and I have used it almost every single day (I don’t wear makeup everyday but everyday I do I used this). 
  4. Fan favorite, SHAPE TAPE is a must for all beauty gurus because dark circles and mistakes are not forgiving & no joke! My mom gifted me with this & I didn’t know if I would love it but it has grown on me SO much because it gives the BEST coverage. 
  5. My go to – Yes to Tomatoes Skincare Mask Kits. 5 different charcoal masks to try or 5 different mud masks. Mom already knows both of these are on my list.  
  6. This L’Oreal Paris Lash Paradise kit comes with 2 tubes of the best mascara she’ll ever try & it makes the perfect stocking stuffer! 
  7. Budget friendly for you this butter bronzer looks and smells amazing!
  8. Brush cleaning Mat will make cleaning her make-up brushes a breeze.
  9. The Mia Clarisonic Kit been one of my favorite things ever. I got this actually for my birthday 2 year ago & it has been my ride or die.
  10. Every girl needs one of these silk pillowcases! Usually these pillow cases are $85-$100 but I found this one for $25-$28 depending on size.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, as much as I enjoyed doing it for you. Let me know what else you would like to see! 

Xx, Kennah

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Trendy Cozy Sweaters

My FAVORITE thing to wear is a big cozy sweater with some black leggings and boots. My go to all fall/winter. It never gets old. I know my closet is full of classic maroon, cream & grey sweaters but I needed to add a few trendy sweaters to my closet this year here are the ones I LOVED while looking for my own closet :

Caroline Striped Sweater


Run Wild Sweater


Sleeve it to Me Colorblock Sweater


Heart You Sweater

Breese Stripe Cardigan


Luxem Sweater


Buffalo Plaid Sweaters

Link to Red   Link to White


I wish you all knew how fast my heart beats while online shopping. It’s probably unhealthy and the amount of buffalo plaid I own is probably unhealthy as well.

Xx, Kennah

Sunday Playlist

If you’re like me Sunday music is what makes the entire day. It sets the whole mood and makes everything that much dreamier. It’s the icing on the cake of my favorite day of the week. Don’t ask me to play Drake on Sunday either because you’ll never see it.

Here’s a link to my Sunday playlist for Apple Music :

Sunday Music

The link for Spotify is here :

Sunday Music

Yes I’m high maintenance okay don’t judge.

Xx, Kennah

Finding Cheap Flights

As you all know I love to travel, but one thing I think that holds a lot of people back from traveling is the cost. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t always have to be as expensive as you think it is. I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks from doing a little bit of research to get the least expensive flights, now if only I could find the time to travel. Lol.

I started out by just following a few local accounts that post flight deals. I was fascinated that there was cheaper prices out there because I had just thought they are what they are.  One of these accounts was @flightsfromhome. Mostly all their flights are from SLC Airport.

One resource I use a lot when looking for a flight is GOOGLE FLIGHTS! It’s super simple just type in google flights in your search bar or click here and it will bring up this page.

Next you pick the dates for your flight.

Then pick your destination & it will bring up a list of flights for you to choose from.


A few other websites I use are:

Skiplagged – sometimes it just has cheap flights, others it skips a leg of a flight to get you the cheapest price. A few things to remember about this app is if the FINAL destination is international whether you get off before you leave the country or not you have to have your passport. When you pick a flight with a skipped leg you cannot check your baggage you have to carry-on otherwise it will end up at the final destination & you will not have clothes.

Hopper – you can put a search out for a specific destination & it will alert you when the prices drop. It also lets you know if they think the price is the cheapest it will get or if you should wait to purchase.

Xx, Kennah

Picking the right Protein Bar

It’s overwhelming the amount of “healthy protein pack” food there are on the market. I know I’m not the only one who has felt lost navigating the seas of fitness and health, so I’ve done some research to help me decide which protein bars are the best for your specific goals and what exactly I’m looking for on these labels that seem to be in a different language.

In general these are thing you want to keep in mind :

  • Sugar Intake. Look for a bar with 6 or less grams. You can have a bar with a little more sugar if you’re eating it right before an intense workout.
  • Sugar Alcohols! You can test it our for yourself but for a lot of people it causes bloating.
  • Get a bar that has fiber in it. Fiber will help you feel full for longer. It also helps stabilize blood sugar, controls cholesterol, and improves digestion.
  • Check the ingredient list. Keep it as small as possible, you don’t want a bunch of unknown ingredients just like anything else you put into your body.
  • Carb to protein ratio. For fat loss 2:1 is good. 1:1 is even fine but don’t get a bar that has more carbs than protein. The higher carbs can be used after an intense workout.
  • Dietary Fats, keep them as low as possible. (trans & saturated) But we still need some to help slow the carb release into our bloodstream.
  1. Meal Replacement – used for building lean muscle mass.
    • At least 30 grams of protein is ideal to feel satisfied.
    • 300-400 calories.
  2. Snack
    • 15-20 grams of protein.
    • Around 200 calories.
    • To make it more filling grab a handful of nuts as well.

Xx, Kennah

Monthly Update + Skincare Favs

MARCH! This month snuck up real quick and I can’t believe it’s already halfway over. Last weekend my sister and I went to see A Wrinkle In Time. It was amazing. I would try to explain how amazing, but really you should just go see it. Heartwarming. Encouraging. The directors did a great job. I have also been loving Oprah’s Podcast. It’s called SuperSoul Conversations and she has a guest each podcast and talks about important topics I think everyone could use (I.e. the secrets of happy people, making peace with yourself, the soul of money). My favorite app I downloaded this month was the LES MILLS on Demand. It’s a workout app that has been kicking my butt.

Songs on my current playlist:

The Difference – Tyler Rich

Fifty Shades Freed Album

Worth It – Danielle Bradbery

Came Here For Love – Sigala & Ella Eyre (Great workout song)

Ring Off  – The Queen B

Onto things that I’m loving :
  1. Striped Button Front Dress from BP at Nordstrom. I’m ordering this for my sister bridal shower I am throwing at the end of this month. One of my favorite bloggers posted it and I had to have it. (Follow Lisa Allen from Salty Lashes)
  2. Floral Orange Kini Top & Bottom. The bottoms are a flattering high cut and the top is reversible!
  3. Flat Slider Sandals, of course they’re black. What else do you expect from me.
  4. Red Striped Short Sleeve Shirt.  Only $39 and I’m running to buy for spring.
  5. Got split ends? Who am I kidding we all do. This Split End Mender from Sexy Hair is the best & smells so yummy.
  6. Kelly Green Button Front Romper. I typically avoid color at all costs but this springy green needs to be in my closet, right now.
  7. Ordered this Lip Mask everyone has been raving about.
  8. This hot pink t-shirt dress is SO CUTE! (I just tagged 2 things with color, look at me branching out)
  9. Target WIN with these black mules. I wear them to work a lot & LOVE them.
  10. This crisp white front button dress is to DIE for. Might have to snag this one for my sister at her bridal shower. Also comes in blue and yellow.
  11. David Bowie Tee, my sister will appreciate this because now I can stop stealing hers.

Also wanted to share a few of my skincare favorites because my skin has been freaking out lately so I’ve had to pull out the big guns.

  1. Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask
  2. Acne Fighting Sheet Mask – this works great for me but probably not amazing for people with super sensitive skin because it is strong.
  3. Drying Lotion – spot treatment to get rid of a zit overnight.
  4. For a toners I use this tea tree one from the Body Shop.
  5. Another ride or die is these acne treatment pads.
Favorite shops to browse: – super affordable and cute home stuff. – the vacay wear and spring time colors are to die for. – all the skincare goodies you could ever want.

Xx, Kennah