Pura Scents for the New Year

Hi guys! With the arrival of the New Year I thought I would put together a list of my favorite Pura scents! I know a lot of you are in cleaning mode to get a fresh start for the year! These scents are all fresh/clean that will make your home feel clean and help you reset from the holiday.

Barr Co Original Scent – has some woody notes, but nothing overpowering it is a very crisp clean scent great for living room/bedrooms!

Nest Grapefruit – the best clean citrus smell – I love this scent for bathrooms or kitchens or even a laundry room! It almost helps brighten up a space.

Unify Summit – probably my favorite scent – some woody, floral & citrus notes. I always have this scent in my bedroom.

Capri Blue Volcano – the viral scent that everyone is obsessed with! It has tropical, citrus & sugary notes – this scent is so versatile & honestly I think it’s great wherever you put it.

Becki Owens Coconut Calm – if you want a scent that gets you ready for summer this is it! Notes of coconut, ocean breeze, and vanilla. Perfect for bathrooms or bedrooms!