My Favorite + Spring Pura Scents

Santorini – mediterranean fig, red currant, amber, and sandalwood. A very comforting scent it’s amber, warm, & woodsy!

Grapefruit – pink pomelo grapefruit, watery green notes with lily of the valley and coriander blossom. Such a fresh, bright citrusy scent.

Havana Vanilla – notes of vanilla and a hint of smoky tobacco, bergamot, and sandalwood. I’m obsessed with how warm & cozy this scent is. Great for a living room or bedroom!

White Bergamot – Citrus, greens, and woods notes. Such a refreshing citrus scent!

Santal Blush – bold florals and fruits rounded out by notes of wood, glowing amber, and musk. I’m adding this to my cart right now. I’m obsessed with the amber topaz from anthoro so I’ll bet these are just as yummy.

Unify Summit – probably my favorite scent – some woody, floral & citrus notes. I always have this scent in my bedroom.

Maui – tart bergamot, soft ylang ylang, and airy driftwood. This is such a fresh & floral scent, perfect for spring & getting ready for summer!

Dusk – exotic notes of Maracuya, fresh pepper, and sparkling pear with ylang ylang, mimosa, and creamy coconut. I have yet to find a scent from unify that I don’t like.

Barr Co Original Scent – has some woody notes, but nothing overpowering it is a very crisp clean scent great for living room/bedrooms!


My Favorite Pura Scents

Hi Guys! I ordered a pura device a few months ago & I’ve been testing a lot of their scents to find the best ones! Before I get to the good stuff I just want to point out one of the big reasons I love pura scents is because they’re all clean & safe for pets & people. I always used to use the bath & body works wall plug-ins but they get too strong, they start to make me feel sick & they don’t have clean ingredients. The pura lets you adjust the strength setting, you control it from you phone & you can set timers too which makes it so convenient. Now for the good part all my favorite scents! My top 2 scents have * by them!

Capri Blue Scents :

  • Coconut Santal – notes : vanilla, smoky tobacco, bergamot & sandalwood.
  • Volcano – notes : tropical citrus & sugary notes.
  • Havana Vanilla – notes : hibiscus, lime, coconut & hints of amber.
  • Pineapple Flower – sweet summer scent. notes : pineapple, plum, lemon flower & sugar cane.

Unify Co.

  • Summit – lemon & pineapple leaf, white florals, cedarwood, & moss. *

NEST New York

  • Grapefruit – notes : pink pomelo grapefruit, watery green lily, & coriander blossom.



  • Ambered Topaz – notes : warm cardamom, lavender, cedar wood, sweet amber, dark patchouli, & a hint of pine needle.

Xx, Kennah